Ferry Plantation

4136 Cheswick Lane, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455


Courtesy: Tripadvisor

You can’t keep a good witch down. Colonial Virginians learned that lesson first hand way back in 1706 when Grace Sherwood was tried and found guilty of witchcraft in the local courthouse on the grounds of Ferry Plantation in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Locals are likely aware of “the witch of Pungo” as well as place names such as Witchduck Road and Witchduck Point which are both in reference to the Tidewater region’s most famous yarb.

The courthouse fell out of use and was replaced by another which also fell out of use and was used as the kitchen for the manor house of the Walke family who owned the property. The house burned to the ground in 1828, but some of the bricks were used to construct the house presently standing.

Some say as many as eleven spirits float around Ferry Plantation including children, pets, a slave tending to the fireplace, a man painting a picture, and several others. As for Mrs. Sherwood, she finally received a pardon in 2006 from then-governor (and current Senator and former candidate for Vice President of these United States) Tim Kaine. It only took three hundred years.

Ferry Plantation closes for a winter break and reopens in the spring. Visit their website to book a tour and learn more about Ferry Plantation.

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