The Josephine Hotel

126 N Prairie Street , Union Springs, Alabama 36089

FOR SALE $150,000

If you enjoy the tinkly plunking of saloon piano music playing at random hours and the distinct feeling of being watched all the time, then this 1880 former hotel is just right for you.

Located in picturesque Union Springs, Alabama, the Josephine Hotel boasts thirty-two rooms in its approximately 17,000 square feet of former hotel, retail, and eatery space. The Josephine was built as a hotel and operated as such for about a century. The first floor retail spaces have been occupied continuously since 1880.

Previous owners lived and worked in the building, and you can, too, with a little elbow grease and imagination (and possibly a construction loan — this one’s a fixer upper). Currently, the upper floors are unoccupied. The first floor houses a local history museum, art center, and ice cream shop.

Although styles, owners, and occupants have changed through the years, the Josephine Hotel still stands majestically waiting for its next owner. As for ghosts, well . . . a few paranormal investigators visited the Josephine Hotel a few years ago, and let’s just say there’s someone there hoping you’ll say “yes” to the Josephine Hotel.

Property Type: Commercial/Hotel

Bedrooms: 32

Bathrooms: unknown

Square Foot: approximately 17,000

Lot: town lot; unknown size

Year Built: 1880

Price per Square Foot: $9

Other Interesting Details: There is a commercial kitchen on the first floor. Skylights on the upper floors allow for natural light. This building is a fixer-upper.

Contact the owner/broker at Promiseland Realty and Development to schedule a visit.

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