Ann Starrett Mansion

744 Clay Street, Port Townsend, Washington

FOR SALE $1,500,000

Courtesy: Zillow

Straight from a picture book. When you think of the quintessential Victorian mansion, this is the house you see in your mind’s eye. Built in 1889 by George Starrett for his wife, Ann, this stunning home has been lovingly restored with period details including some antique furniture included in the sale.

Tragedy surrounds many ghost tales, but there doesn’t seem to be any sadness here. A love story for the ages, George and Ann are said to still reside in the home continuing their love for each other and their love of their beautiful home. Both seem to be warm and welcoming with guests noticing a comforting feeling when entering the home.

Another spirit said to be sticking around is the Starrett son’s nanny. An older woman with gray hair, she has been known to interact with guests and staff, especially if someone is saying or doing something that displeases her. Wonderfully loyal to both the Starrett family and Port Townsend, it seems she was quite strict in life and brought that personality with her after death. So, if you want to buy this house, you might want to bring your manners with you along with your deposit check.

Property Type: Single family or potentially a Bed and Breakfast

Bedrooms: 11

Bathrooms: 10

Square Foot: 5,796

Lot: town lot; approximately 8,000 sqft

Year Built: 1889

Price per Square Foot: $259

Other Interesting Details: The free-floating circular staircase rises seventy feet from the ground floor to the top where a painted fresco of maidens representing the four seasons and four virtues adorns the dome. The maidens are said to be in the likeness of Ann Starrett.

Contact Teri Nomura, broker, if interested in purchasing this home.

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