Copper King Mansion

219 West Granite Street, Butte, Montana 59701


Courtesy: Copper King Mansion

Construction for the Copper King Mansion began in 1884 and continued until 1888. The home was built for William A. Clark, a serial entrepreneur who had a stake in mining, banking, newspapers, and politics during the robber baron era. It seems he had the Midas touch for every business endeavor he tried earned him quite a bit of money.

The home passed along to Clark’s son who sold it to a private owner. Eventually, the house was sold again and became a nunnery. For a number of years, the house sat vacant before being purchased by the current owners.

Today, the house operates as a bed and breakfast offering four tastefully decorated rooms to weary travelers. The owners also offer a tour of the house to overnight guests and public tours for a fee during the summer months.

Whether or not the Copper King Mansion is haunted is a matter of debate. Some say, “Absolutely not!” Yet, others have felt a presence in a few areas of the house and seen “things” such as a hazy mist or shadow floating along the corridor. There has been talk that the spirits here are of the mischievous variety and like to tease and play pranks. Perhaps if you visit, you will be able to find out for sure.

Contact the Copper King Mansion for reservations.

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