Kate Shepard House

1552 Monterey Place, Mobile, Alabama 36604

FOR SALE $995,000 PRICE REDUCED $920,000 SOLD! $700,000

Courtesy: Pricey Pads

Stained glass. Fretwork. Claw foot bathtub. Original woodwork. Original mantels. Queen Anne Victorian. National Register of Historic Places. History. History. History.

But also . . .

Updated everything for today’s consumer . . . PLUS a turnkey bed and breakfast operation.

And . . . ghosts.

Who could want more?

The home currently operates as a bed and breakfast, but it started out as a family home before becoming a boarding and day school run by the original owners’ daughters — Kate Shepard, for whom the home is named and her sister, Isabel. The school operated from 1910 until 1952.

If you choose to purchase the Kate Shepard House, you will be sharing the residence with the apparition of an elderly lady (one of the Shepard sisters, perhaps) and possibly with a little girl. While the elderly lady has been glimpsed in the misty appearance of your everyday phantasm, the little girl has been seen as a fully-fleshed living human, with those seeing her thinking she must be a guest visiting the house. Many visitors report the feeling of a presence within the house.

Strange occurrences are also commonplace at the Kate Shepard House. Objects have been known to fly off one of the fireplace mantels, a door that is difficult to open opens on its own, and a wall of water once cascaded from the second floor. A plumber called in to fix the problem couldn’t find any leak. The water stain on the ceiling is still visible.

So, if you’re interested in purchasing the Kate Shepard House, grab a gallon of Zinsser Cover Stain Primer and your pre-qual letter and give the realtor a call.

Property Type: Single family or Bed and Breakfast

Bedrooms: 6

Bathrooms: 5

Square Foot: 4,200

Lot: 0.36 acres

Year Built: 1897

Price per Square Foot: $237

Other Interesting Details: The home is being sold as a turnkey bed and breakfast operation with many historic artifacts included in the sale.

Contact Wendy James (the home’s current owner) or Ron Wallace to schedule a visit.

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