The Sayre Mansion

250 Wyandotte Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015


Courtesy: bnbfinder

The Sayre Mansion has lived many lives. This Gothic Revival home was built in 1858 for Robert Heysham Sayre, the chief of the Lehigh Valley Railroad and one of the men instrumental in starting the company that would become Bethlehem Steel. The mansion stayed in the Sayre family until 1914 when Sayre’s widow bequeathed the home to Lehigh University. There, it was used as a frat house (scary).

Sometime later, the house was renovated into an apartment dwelling with eight units, and it remained as such until the early 1990s when new owners removed the apartment walls and started a renovation to return the home to its original beauty. Subsequent owners continued the restoration work, and the result is what guests can enjoy today.

In 1992, the Sayre Mansion opened as a bed and breakfast with nineteen guest rooms and four carriage house suites. As a member of Historic Hotels of America and Select Registry, you can expect a quality stay with an elegantly presented breakfast in their dining room.

Robert Sayre was married four times and was the father of twelve children. Tragically, six of the children died in the home, and according to many stories, at least one of the wives and possibly several of the children never left.

Rooms 23 and 32 are the most active rooms in the mansion. A woman appears in the mirror in Room 23. This room was the dressing room for Mrs. Sayre, and it seems she’s still getting ready. Room 32 was the room where the servants cared for the children of the family. It is the most active room in the house. Reports of cold spots, sheets being tugged, and shadows moving across the walls are common.

The owners and management of the Sayre Mansion are fully aware of the home’s reputation and offer a Paranormal Experience special evening. The upcoming event is sold out, but keep checking. They might offer another chance to ghost hunt in the future.

Visit the mansion’s website to make a reservation.

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