The Dilgert House

919 Atchison Street, Atchison, Kansas 66002

FOR SALE $95,000

Courtesy: Zillow

Two words, friends . . . pocket doors. That feature alone is enough to give this house a look. Who cares about the seven ghosts that float about the place. This house has pocket doors!

Built in 1880 by the town’s first builder and stonemason, Adam Dilgert, this home stands poised and ready for its next owner. Dilgert is credited with literally laying the foundation for much of Atchison. He built many of the structures in the town between 1866 and 1894.

The same year Dilgert built this modest home for himself and his family — his wife, Mary, daughter, Barbara, and great-niece, Frances, he accidentally killed his brother, Ferdinand.

It is believed that Adam, Mary, Barbara, and Frances haunt the first floor of the home and are quite pleasant. Ferdinand might also might be haunting the home.

The basement of the house, though, is the location of the more foreboding experiences. Along with an ever-present eerie feeling, a few people have reported being pulled back or feeling their clothing tugged while in the basement.

When the current owners were renovating the house, they found a pair of Civil War-era cavalry boots beneath floor boards. Adam Dilgert served in the war, and there is a thought that perhaps he placed the boots in the crawl space as a sort of protection talisman against malevolent spirits. The owners reported that the negative occurrences started in the house once they removed those boots.

A number of other things have happened in the house to give one pause. Things have gone missing and just as mysteriously have reappeared. Visitors to the home have seen shadowy figures glide across the room. They have heard footsteps and felt unexplained temperature changes. A former contractor working on the house even found a dying bird in the house with its eyes gouged out.

Ghost hunters and at least one medium have explored the house and determined that seven ghosts are attached to the property. The home was even featured on the first season of Travel Channel’s Haunting in the Heartland.

So, why hasn’t this house sold? I mean, except for the haunted part. It looks like such a darling of a house, and its price is only $47 per square foot.

Notice the attic window — such a neat detail. The house at first glance looks a bit plain on the exterior, but that only means it’s a blank slate. A little creativity and a bit of vision will turn this plain Jane into the neighborhood showstopper for sure.

Get thee to your realtor!

To schedule a showing, contact Lauren Pierce with Bg & Associates Team.

Property Type: Single Family

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1

Square Foot: 2,002

Lot: 0.28 acre

Year Built: 1880

Price per Square Foot: $47

Other Interesting Details: The home has a mix of original features and new updates. Also, what in the world is going on in Atchison? We covered the Sallie House, also in Atchison, several months ago. Some consider Atchison to be the most haunted city in America. What do you think?

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