About Haunted House Hunting

Every House Has a Story

Some earn a reputation.

Every community has ‘that’ house. You know the one — sitting at the end of the lane where children don’t dare go trick or treating — where a mysterious event occurred decades ago that people still whisper about today although no one really knows the story — where you could have sworn you saw someone in the window . . . but maybe not. Perhaps the paint is peeling. Maybe a barn door slams shut on repeat in a wind storm. It’s possible a black cat peers out from beneath the front porch and then disappears. You know the house. You know it’s haunted, and you like it.

On Haunted House Hunting, you will find that house and many more. Each house is carefully selected for its beauty, its history, and its ghosts. Most of the houses are available to visit, stay for the night, or even to buy.

We can’t guarantee the hauntings are true, but we can guarantee you will have fun going Haunted House Hunting.