The Grove / Stilley-Young House

405 Moseley Street, Jefferson, Texas 75657


Courtesy: TripAdvisor

Sometimes a place just feels . . . off. It’s usually difficult to pinpoint just exactly what is causing the slanted vibe, but instinct prickles up to let you know something’s just not right over there.

And so it is at The Grove in Jefferson, Texas. Built in 1861, the exterior exhibits a combination of Creole vernacular and low-key Greek Revival architecture, befitting the original owner’s Louisiana heritage and the popular style of the neighborhood at the time of the home’s construction.

The Grove is not a particularly large house. Although old, it’s not the kind of beautiful, grand, spooky house we are used to seeing on our encounters with the spectral kind. In fact, it really looks a bit ordinary. At only one story and slightly more than 2,000 square feet, the home looks approachable, even cozy — like a little old grandmother who keeps a bowl of hard candy on the coffee table to offer guests.

But don’t let appearances fool you. This place is ready to give you the jump-scare of your life.

Along with the typical signs of a good haunting (the feeling of being watched, the unexplained sound of footsteps, odd smells, etc.), visitors and inhabitants alike have reported many strange sights and sounds throughout the house.

Water in places it shouldn’t be seems to be a common occurrence. There have been reports of wet footprints in the hallway, condensation on a dry mirror, and drops of water in various places inside the house without cause.

Several apparitions have been seen in the house and on the property. A lady in white makes her appearance known most often, but there have also been reports of a man lying in the road, another man wearing a dark coat and top hat, and even a black and white dog in the hallway. Mirrors fall off the wall. Objects move. Disembodied voices say, “hello.” The haunts just go on and on.

The history of the house doesn’t help to quell the fears either. A son of a former owner committed suicide on the porch (now an enclosed bathroom), and the home was one of the places on Moseley Street where men were either shot or hanged during the brutal incidents that became known as the Stockade Case in 1868.

A long-time resident, Louise Young, lived alone in the house for decades and was certain the house was haunted. She installed strong lights in the yard and called the police often, sometimes several times a week, to report seeing people in the garden who would disappear as soon as she turned on the lights.

The Grove has been called not only the most haunted place in Jefferson but the most haunted place in all of Texas. And folks, if you know anything at all about Texas, you know that’s saying something.

The current owners have lived in the home for nearly two decades and offer tours on the weekends. Reservations are required. Check out their website for more details.

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