Stardust Ranch

14700 S Tuthill Road, Buckeye, Arizona 85326



Here at, we stick mainly to the spectral variety of homebound visits, but we decided to make an exception when we came across the tale of this Arizona ranch currently for sale.

Are aliens among us? Well, according to previous residents of Stardust Ranch in Buckeye, Arizona, the answer is a firm, “Yes!”

Possibly the location of two portals — one inside the house and the other outside — that lead to another dimension, the Stardust Ranch has long been rumored to be a center of alien activity.

Animals on the property have been found slaughtered with their internal organs missing similar to popular stories of UFO cattle mutilations.

A previous owner claims to have killed nearly twenty aliens with a samurai sword and claims aliens tried to abduct his wife — she started levitating, and he had to pull her back down to earth.

Even back in the 1970s, former residents concede there was “something” at the ranch. No one then made any claims regarding aliens, but they admitted to seeing strange things and feeling a significant temperature drop, especially in one of the bedrooms.

The home was featured on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures and is included on several alien and paranormal websites.

A few years ago, the property was on the market for $5,000,000. It looks to have sold for far less in the fall of last year and is now back on the market. Could aliens be the cause of the price drop? You will just have to find out for yourself.

Contact Erica Constantinesco with A.Z. and Associates to schedule a showing.

Property Type: Single Family

Bedrooms: 6

Bathrooms: 3

Square Foot: 3,436

Lot: 9.67 acres

Year Built: 1977

Price per Square Foot: $200

Other Interesting Details: The property includes a pool and RV hookups and is on a private well and septic system.

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